If you would like to know more about how we can work with your business, please give either Di or Tracey a call today.

With over 30 years of media experience in major agencies, both in New Zealand and Australia, Di set up GI Media with Tracey in 2006. She believes that many small to medium companies don’t get the level of expertise and focus they need – and deserve – within the larger multi-national media shops. In fact, smaller budgets need even smarter, more innovative strategies and implementation planning, to ensure they punch above their weight within an increasingly complex media world.

Tracey has extensive experience, particularly within the retail marketing and advertising arena. She has headed the TV trading team at a major media agency and ensures the media visibility needed to create results is achieved! Tracey has a strong focus on digital and social media marketing.

We keep our overheads low, so as to be competitive with the large agencies in terms of cost – but deliver the huge additional benefit to clients of working with our senior, experienced partners – not juniors or the ‘B Team’.